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Why do you need a small business website? A question that exists for as long as the Internet exists. You probably think this is unnecessary as you are very visible on all social media platforms. But did you consider that being on all the social platforms can harm your small business? Just recently Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram were down. So during those hours your small business were not effectively presented on the web and you did lose business.

I know many startups that just use social media platforms because it’s cheap and easy. However you need to look at the bigger picture… What do I mean by that? You do not own any digital real estate, no subscriber list and you do not have the opportunity to attract organic traffic from the SERPs. You probably think having a local business website is too complicated and expensive. Maybe you are lacking technical skills to create a website yourself.

Just know to build a successful business you need control over your content and a central place to co-ordinate all your marketing efforts. Building a small business that will stood the test of time it is better to think about the long term. It is always better to own your piece of online real estate with a unique small business website or web store. Then you don’t need to stress if a social media platform is down.  

The benefits of owning a small business website or web store are:

  • Your website is discoverable by the search engines even if Facebook is down
  • You have the ability to contact your clients or subscribers
  • You have the ability to sell your products or services.

The recent blackout of social media sites are a wake-up call to all local business owners. Do not depend on social media sites. Get your own systems in place and use social media to meet your customers to boost your business and sales.

I compiled a short report about how YOU can use technology to bring more local customers to your store. It is free to download.


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